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Marketing Costs

Use today’s technology to help
increase your website’s functionality,
and performance.

5.65s (before)

1.75s (after)


2016$ (proj)




Keys to a successful
eCommerce site

Web Interface Design

Ensure your website is easy to navigate and use.

Cross-device friendliness

A well-coded website means simpler/cheaper maintenance.

Site Development

You don’t just want a mobile site, you need an optimal one Google appreciates.

Web Marketing

SEO, email campaigns, affiliate marketing, Google PPC, etc.

Server Maintenance

Ensure your server is running speedily, with fast response times and monitoring.

Welcome to Grossman Interactive, a boutique development firm providing design, development, and marketing for all of your Magento eCommerce needs.


Since 1996 we have been producing and operating Web portals that exploit the new media’s communications, information, advertising, and commerce channels. In the mid 2000s we began focusing primarily on the Magento eCommerce platform and have become experts on all the ins and outs for what is needed to build and implement a successful eCommerce site.

We have a wide variety of clients, from small Mom & Pop shops to international retailers found in major department stores. Contact Us below to find out how we can help your business today.

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We’ve built a team of developers who specialize in constructing optimized code for the Magento framework. Every customer is different, and we build quaility feature sets to help customize Magento to best fit your company’s needs.



Any downtime in eCommerce is unacceptable, and we have built a customer service team to ensure your site is properly functioning at all times. We offer site monitoring, checkout confirmation, and hosting packages to ensure that your online store is fast, functional, and up at all times.



The whole point in running an online store is to sell products, but you can’t sell a product without an audience? Our marketing team builds customized marketing plans for each client to fully optimize their website and maximize their ROI.

Desktop & Mobile Optimized Designs


What we can do

Our Services


Any new website starts with a great design and graphic artists rendering. Let our team work with yours to mock up a set of wireframes for your website using Adobe Photopshop or Illustrator.


Developers who know PHP/ASP/MySQL/HTML/CSS and much more will then get to work coding the website to match the approved design.


When your project is complete, for those who require it, let our team continue to provide webmaster services maintaining and updating your site longer term.


We built it, now what? Let our team help with web marketing strategies such as Google PPC/Adwords/ SEO services, social media, affiliate marketing, email marketing and much more.





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Ahava Skincare

Ahava Skincare

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Soutirage Cellarbook

Soutirage Cellarbook

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Brera Orologi

Brera Orologi

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First Aid Beauty

First Aid Beauty

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French Sole Shoes

French Sole Shoes

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Peapod by Stop and Shop

Peapod by Stop and Shop

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Radii Footwear

Radii Footwear

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Site speed is a crucial part of any website, and is playing more and more of a factor in both conversions and search engine rankings. We perform full audits of sites to find the most effective ways to increase site speed without taking away from the aesthetics of the design and functionality.

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