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Responsive Web Design

It is essential for almost every business to have a version of their website developed for mobile devices as more and more people are using small screen devices to view web pages today. On a smartphone screen, websites can be very difficult to see and large images may “break” the layout. Sites can also be very slow to load on smartphones if they are graphics large and heavy. Responsive Web design has been one of the hottest web trends since 2013 due to the growth of these smartphones and other mobile devices. Technology is constantly upgrading screen resolutions so creating new website versions for each new resolution would be futile. So what options do businesses have to keep up with the growth of new tech and how it effects their website?

Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design

Simply stated, Responsive Web Designs RESPOND to their environment. This is the answer to this tech growth as it allows fluid or flexible page sizing to be structured relative to percentages more than pixels. Images are sized in relative units so they will follow the size flow of pages and the corresponding browsers. As a user moves from a laptop, to iPhone, to iPad, the website will automatically change to accommodate for those resolutions, image sizes, orientations and page scripting. So ultimately this eliminates the need for various website designs for each new device or upgrade introduced.

Why do I need a Responsive Website?

This fluid design of websites not only changes the size but also various elements of the site for easier viewing. Navigation areas of a standard desktop website can be unreadable when displayed in mobile devices. Responsive websites condense the navigation area into a more user friendly dropdown menu which allows the user to see button links more clearly. Text content areas are also rearranged to help the user read and navigate the page and site easier. This also allows for flexibility when a user turns their device orientation from landscape to portrait sizes instantly. Creating a responsive website for your business can streamline its use and your growth.

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E-Commerce Mobile Sites

39dollarTechnology has saturated our everyday routines making mobile phones part of our everyday life. People are relying on their mobile phones for news updates, social media information, restaurants reviews, directions and even shopping. As a working busy mom I use my mobile phone to make a lot of online purchases from clothes to household items. It is so important that web developers make e-commerce mobile friendly to encourage shoppers to shop on their mobile phone. There are a few key components to have a good e-commerce mobile site. One component is the easy of navigating around the site on your mobile phone. It is important to have a proper display of the products that work with your mobile phone. Also being able to search for products is a helpful tool to have on a mobile e-commerce site. The speed of loading pages and products on a mobile e-commerce site is key because most people just want a quick process of finding and buying the product. People who are usually using e-commerce mobile site have little time to make the purchase. Some e-commerce sites even have a button to re-order the previous order which comes in handy for example when ordering household items. Another key component to a successful e-commerce mobile site is the speed and friendliness of the checkout process. Just a few clicks and the product in on its way! Companies are also using mobile apps to attract more shoppers. The apps usually store all your shipping and credit card information and make the searching for products super quick and easy. In this day in age the quicker and easier the shopping process is will lead to more sales and impulse purchases. Check out how Grossman Interactive Inc can help with your e-commerce mobile sales!

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