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Metro1 Real Estate

Metro1 hired Grossman Interactive Inc. to develop a WordPress based real estate site. The website was customized to give their marketing team the ability to post custom images and videos to many pages throughout the site, post custom real estate listings, post blog and press items, and much more. The website has different templates for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices – each with a unique look, feel, and set of functionalities tying into the backend admin area.

In addition, the site auto-feeds MLS data using the Miami Association of Realtors direct RLS/MLS access, which prevents the need to go through a typical IDX provider was which too limited. From a lead perspective – this website ties directly into a account.

Posh Mommy Jewelery

Our team has been working with Posh Mommy Jewelry for over 5 years, helping grow their website and business into one of the most well known mommy/jewelry brands in existence in the US today.

From a development side; our team customizes, adjusts, and maintains their website on a day to day basis to help increase sales, holiday specials, applies updated designs, and more.

Working with 3rd parties such as Stuller Inc, Fantasy Diamonds, and more – we ensure the website is tightly integrated to ensure a seamless ordering/shipping/status updating process for customers.

eHarmony Photography Ordering Platform

eHarmony working with DatingHeadshots brought our team in to create a photographer ordering platform that allowed their eH+ tier customers find the best photographers out there to ensure they could find the best dates possible. Standard online dating with unprofessional photos often do not show people in their best light, or were not representative of what the person really looks like – leading to failed matchmaking.

Our team created a new site with Magento that allows customers to find photographers local to them, choose a photography package, and checkout using their eH matchmaking account information.

Photographers and staff are sent text messages using the Twilio platform, and are able to accept/deny or reschedule photo shoots.

Magento was an ideal platform as it allowed for simple WordPress integration for simpler/template and site design management for the staff, as well as the ability to have custom attribute data for each product, or in this case photographer listed on the site.

The Miami based wholesale group that sells artwork to businesses, interior designers, and major hotels, came to us to assist them in creating a new Magento/eCommerce website. The website was quite unique in that it required many specific options on the product pages – allowing customers to choose the paper type, the medium (i.e. plexiglass, aluminum, watercolor options, digital print options, – even allowing them to upload their own image, and more). In addition, customers can choose their frame type, and see a preview of the selection.

In addition, there is a system of artists setup, creating an automated database of all artists associated with each painting, that customers can click on to see all art from that artist – from the begining of time to modern, read information about them, and more.

The site also integrated with the clients 3rd party warehouse location, their social media channels, and more.