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Peapod by Stop and Shop

Peapod worked with Grossman Interactive to create an internal portal allowing their staff to manage/purchase/review branded clothing and products to ensure their brand was being used throughout the entire US to stores/delivery-people, and more.

The site would allow the Peapod by Stop and Shop team to see which staff obtained which uniforms/outfits/hats/bags/etc – date of purchase, tracking management orders, and much more.

All new orders were using a PO system to tie into their chosen promotional goods vendors providers, shipping goods to the appropriate Stop and Shop locations.

Radii Footwear is an LA based footwear brand that sells footwear to major department stores. Radii had Grossman Interactive design a desktop, and mobile version of the website. With the approved design, the Magento website was coded, and setup on the chosen hosting provider’s server. In addition, a backend order management system was developed to allow 3rd party orders to be entered, and flow into their UPS and Quickbooks Enterprise hosted solution.

Full page caching was setup to help ensure each page loads as fast as possible, and keeping Google PageSpeed Insight scores high.

Brera Orologi

Brera’s successful line of luxury Italian watches required a new web presence for their US team, Italy office location, as well as Japan location. Our team worked with a partner design firm to bring their design realization to the web for this new project. We created a Magento Community website that uses Magento’s sub-stores for the different country locations. From there – each country had their own set of languages and currencies – payment gateways, product assortments, and more.

Magento was the perfect choice for the site, allowing us to use custom modules to manage admin-permissions, website changes across different countries and stakeholders, and more.

In addition, the website included a custom store locator area for each country, a wholesale management system, returns/RMA system, special document/transfer system for their wholesale accounts, and more.