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Website mentioned on Jimmy Fallon Show! (

Grossman Interactive, Inc, is the web development team behind the website.  The team and the website were mentioned on the Jimmy Fallon show on 9/23/09!

From the WFPF site:

On September 23, 2009, the WFPF was a guest on NBC’s LATE NIGHT with Jimmy Fallon!!!  The guys rocked the studio and were invited up on stage to chat with Jimmy Fallon after performing a stellar routine!!  Ryan Doyle, Michael Turner, and Tim “Livewire” Shieff were at their best while Ben Jenkin gracioiusly offered his choreography services and much much brotherly moral support for the guys as they were treated like very welcomed guests indeed!!  Great snacks in the dressing room and lots of great kudos from Jimmy Fallon himself and also from The Roots (the LATE NIGHT House Band) and also from Amy Poehler, who was a guest on the shwo that night.  And not only is the video clip of the WFPF on LATE NIGHT online, but it’s all over the place!!  Nice to see people want to spread he word.

Wanna see the clip?  Well, check it out!